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Transportation Infrastructure

Dan Quart is committed to transportation improvements through the continued construction of the Second Avenue Subway. The Lexington Avenue subway line is at over 120% capacity. The constant delays on the Lexington Avenue subway line adversely impact New Yorkers quality of life, resulting in lost time and productivity for New York City’s work force. During the 2016 legislative session in Albany, Dan successfully fought for and helped secure $1 billion in state funds to continue construction of the Second Avenue Subway, beginning to alleviate the overcrowding on the Lexington Avenue subway line and improving the quality of life for thousands of New Yorkers. The MTA’s 5 year Capital Plan is the life-line for New York City’s transportation infrastructure needs. However, the Capital Plan is not funded through any dedicated sources of revenue. This leaves New York City’s infrastructure needs dependent on budget negotiations in Albany. Dan supports legislative efforts to create dedicated sources of revenue to ensure funding of the MTA’s Capital Plan. 

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